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The overall excitement of the national office of the Learning For Life / Exploring program of the Boy Scouts of America has sparked a synergy as it relates to expanding the vision and mission of the character education and career awareness program throughout many types of councils.  The guiding principles of the Learning For Life program are youth focused, customer oriented, proactive, innovative, professional, quality driven, fiscally responsible, clear and direct in communications.  These guiding principles have allowed us another successful year in membership growth, program delivery, community awareness and expansion of the speaker's bureau.

We're very excited about the vision and the direction the Learning For Life / Exploring program is headed and we anticipate continuing our growth.  

Our Mission

To develop and deliver engaging, research-based academic, character, leadership and career-focused programs aligned to state and national standards that guide and enable all students to achieve their full potential.

Local Program Specific Stats

  • 71% of clients served by Learning For Life reside in the nine ZIP codes within the lowest levels of income inside of the city of Milwaukee
  • 98% of youth ages 9-11 believed that it matters to do well in school.
  • 92% of grade-school students registered in Learning For Life improved on being on track to advance to the next grade level.
  • 94% of teenagers in Learning For Life improved their understanding of the importance of staying in school.


How Can You Help? 

There are many ways a person can change the lives of youth and better the community through Learning For Life. Some of the ways you are able to change the lives of youth and better the community through Learning For Life are:


Learning For Life has programs and events going on throughout the year that are volunteer driven.  Volunteers are needed to provide In-School Program Service by conducting career speeches and life skills sessions, overseeing Learning For Life curriculum based lessons, and assisting staff with program checkpoints, etc.  

  • Desire to become a Speaker - Call 414-443-2846

Supporting the Financial Campaign 

Even in the struggling economy, our youth still depend on us for survival, and the future will still depend on our youth for survival. It is up to us today to use our power to change the lives of the youth so they may have brighter todays and better tomorrows. Your contribution may be modest or large, but whatever the amount, your gift is equally important and meaningful. Please consider making a financial contribution to the Learning For Life Campaign. 

Learning For Life's Core Values:



Honesty/ Trust



Caring/ Fairness


Life Skills






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