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Advanced Leader Training

Training is available for all Boy Scout leaders - from Scoutmasters to committee members.

Wood Badge
Wood Badge is advanced training for adult leaders in Scouting designed to enhance contemporary leadership skill and develop more effective Scouters. The Wood Badge program gives participants a greater understanding of Scouting aims and methods, while developing true Scout Spirit. It is anticipated that all people who complete Wood Badge training will continue to work actively in the Scouting program to further the aims and methods of Scouting. Click here for more information.
Lord Baden-Powell University of Scouting - LBPU
LBPU is a special training event held in Camp Lake, Wisconsin each spring. The purpose of LBPU is to provide introductory, supplemental and advanced training for all functions of Scouting, including commissioner service, membership, finance ans program. For more information, please visit
Kodiak Challenge
STEM Nova Counselors
STEM Supernova Mentors

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