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CLUE - Scouting Edition

Looking for something different to do this fall with your Scouts?  Join us on Saturday, October 7, 2017 in Burlington, WI. We’re going to be solving the Case of the Naughty Knots, and we need YOUR help. Click here to register.

FAQ about Clue, Scouting Edition

What is Clue, Scouting Edition?  It is a fun event taking place in downtown Burlington on Oct 7, 2017.  Teams (participants) will be exploring Burlington, doing age appropriate activities throughout the area.  The properties on the game board are real businesses, which are opening their doors to us.  This is a walking activity.  No cars will be used unless there are handicapped people on the team.
Who can come?  Clue, Scouting Edition is for everyone- Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and families
What is a team?  A team is a group of up to 8 youth with a minimum of 2 adults.  There can be no more than 10 people on a team.  No groups of just boys will be allowed to take part.  Please be mindful of the Youth Protection adult supervision rules.  You can mix different ranks, but try not to have Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in the same group.
What does the cost cover?  The $7 fee for each participant (including adults) covers a patch and admission to the Logic Puzzle Museum.  IT DOES NOT INCLUDE LUNCH.  There are no refunds, but moneys paid can be applied to another person.
Will the boys need money?  Participants may need money for lunch.  There are many restaurants in downtown Burlington, including McDonalds, Flippy’s and Super Tacos. Groups can also brown bag it. 
Are there prizes for the event?  Yes.  Winners will be determined after the event and prizes given at the November roundtables.  You will be notified ahead of time.
What if there are ties?   Each packet will have a scavenger hunt that will be used as a tie breaker.  Both the Clue, Scouting Edition game and the scavenger hunt can be done at the same time.
How do we register?  You can sign up on line, at the Scout office or by mail.  Download registration forms at
Is there a deadline for registration?  No there isn’t but we want most registrations in by Sep 30th.  Many of the businesses need time to get the materials needed for the activities they will be providing.  We want to give them as close a number as possible.  Due to join us night September dates, units can add new boys on the day of the event, making sure to have supervision for them.  A great idea would be for the packs to pay for the new scouts as a “new member activity”.  What better way to join Scouting than to have a fun activity to go to!
Who do I contact with any questions I may have?  If you have any event questions contact Sandra Martens, 262-902-6569 or if you have registration questions please contact Gina Hannemann, 262-631-1655.


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