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Brief Overview of the job:

1. General nature of the position.
2. Example of a typical workday.
3. Hours and working conditions.
4. Working contacts.
5. Equipment, tools and materials used.
6. Other occupations available in the field.

Trends and Opportunities:

1. Employment outlook.
2. How to get “your foot in the door”.
3. Equal opportunity.


1. Training, education or experience necessary.
2. Exams and/ or licensing.
3. Unions or professional affiliations.
4. Personal qualifications.

Steps to take right now to prepare for the job:

1. High school courses which are relevant.
2. Most advantageous schools or colleges at which to apply.
3. Major or degrees recommended.
4. Related summer jobs to acquire experience.
5. Volunteer work.
6. Clubs, organizations and affiliations that are advantageous.
7. Helpful skills or general background knowledge.

Earnings and Promotions:

1. Beginning level.
2. Average increases.
3. Opportunities for transfers or promotions.

Where to find further information:

1. Career center resources.
2. People or organizations willing to talk to students.
3. Companies to visit or tour.
4. In-depth research.
5. If known, exploring posts specializing in this field.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

1. Present a “real life” picture.
2. Clarify common stereotypes and misconceptions.
3. Do not try to sell or recruit/do not deliberately discourage interest in your vocation.

Note: Please feel free to bring any pamphlets business cards, or other information and items to assist you in your presentation


We not only teach the mind of the child, but also the heart of the child.

Recruiting Career or Life skill Presenters to speak with our Learning for Life students about careers and basic life skills.  If you’re interested in scheduling a presentation at our schools, please feel free to give us a call.  We would love to have you as a guest presenter.  
Call our office at 414-443-2846, and one of the program specialists will return your call to schedule a school presentation.




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